April 29, 2011

Advergaming: The Ultimate Interactivity

As use of technology, social media, and the Internet begin to change the landscape of advertising, one new and effective tactic has emerged. That tactic is advergaming. Zodiac Interactive defines advergaming as the use of video games to advertise a product or viewpoint. This new practice is on the rise and has become a surefire way to reach consumers, especially teenagers or men in their early twenties.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, over 120 million people play video or computer games in the United States and over 40% of households have a video game console system. These numbers indicate that advertisers would be wise to consider advergaming as a way to appeal to consumers. Pepsi, 7up, the National Football League, and Burger King are using simple commercial-type advertisements. In EA Games’ football game, Madden 2011, Old Spice Red Zone is promoted with logos and the Old Spice theme being whistled. Old Spice even is included in each player’s attributes by giving them an “Old Spice Swagger” rating. In these ways, Old Spice has integrated ads in a way that doesn’t annoy the person playing the game. The image above is courtesy of Softpedia.com

According to Green Lion Digital Marketing, advergaming is quickly proving itself an effective way of boosting brand familiarity, brand rating, and purchase consideration. It provides a new way of using technology to connect with both potential and existing consumers. It will be interesting to watch this new method of advertising to see if it continues to skyrocket in the future.

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