May 5, 2011

Robin's Blog Post- Telestory


Everyone has a unique story. When Sioux Falls advertising agency Fresh Produce began doing a radio campaign for the local business Rugs & Relic, they realized the potential behind that one line. Rugs & Relic owner Steve Bormes bought an old telephone booth from out of state with plans to create it into a safe haven for local people to tell and record their story in. After teaming up with Fresh Produce, a new idea flourished.

Telegraphic is the upcoming exhibit at Fresh Produce’s Ipso Gallery. Thirteen local graphic designers were asked to find inspiration in the stories that have been recorded within the booth and portray those into art. The Telestory Booth will be at Fresh Produce, as well as the art displays, this Friday May 6, with the creators there to share their inspiration and drive for the idea.

I had the opportunity to talk to an SDSU Journalism graduate, Kyle Jameson, this week about the Telestory-Telegraphic event. He recently began working at Fresh Produce as a writer and, as he would say, “wears many hats” at the agency. He acts as a wordsmith, historian, and a researcher making him “the closest thing to a modern renaissance man”. Because he recently started his Fresh Produce work, he has had a minimal roll in the actual Telegraphic event planning. However, Kyle explained to me that the Ipso Gallery is a unique way to showcase local artists and to share Fresh Produce’s love for art. It is a way for the agency to connect with people in a different way. Ipso also has its own element of promotion for the overall agency. Telestory is a great way to tap into all of the untold stories around Sioux Falls and, hopefully, across the country. Who knows, maybe Telestory could connect with the entire world someday.

Check out Telegraphic-Telestory Friday May 6th from 6-8:00 p.m. to hear about it firsthand.

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